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Education Pays – Especially for Small Business Owners!

Education Pays for Small Business OwnersIs it possible to invest in learning new tricks of the trade during these tough economic times? In fact, now might be an excellent time to learn applied business strategies if you do so with a focused plan. A wise small business owner makes complex decisions every day while persevering in business. By investing in yourself, you may gain a greater foothold in this challenging market, and those who can survive hard times are ready to seize prosperity when it arrives.

Business Administration Courses—Do They Actually Work for the Small Business Owner?

Some small business owners are lone wolves who believe in discovering new trails on their own while other more social creatures gladly participate in workshops and classes. For both types of people (and everyone in between), a wise approach could be a well-researched business administration course or training program. Small business courses succeed when they answer specific goals that you need, especially when your own interest is peaked.  Rather than simply waiting for the economy to change, think about the aspect of business that you wish to improve and look for targeted business administration courses which address those topics.

Investing in Yourself—A Realistic Look at the ROI

After choosing your specific target goal, take some extra time to really analyze the ROI. Think about a place where you tend to lose time regularly (most of us have one), and choose a business administration course that answers this need in a direct way while suiting your personality—so that you can enjoy yourself while advancing your skills. Though one of your strengths may lie in innovative marketing strategies, perhaps the best course for you could be a small business accounting class that will teach you how to save time and frustration in managing your accounts. Conversely, if money management is an aspect of business that you have already perfected, learning new marketing tips or business planning techniques may provide the most effective ROI. When you find that 10 hours/week on a task decreases to 5 hours/week because of your new knowledge and increased efficiency, you can see a clear ROI value.

How to Do it All—Maintain a Business and Invest in the Future

Many small business owners choose to take online business administration courses. There is more than one benefit to this. Of course, you are able to save the time you would have invested in a commute to a campus. You’re also able to engage in parts of the class (if not all of it) as your own schedule allows. One other benefit is simply to use the latest technology in your training. Most small businesses have an online presence, and many are pursuing innovative tracks to increase their business to the nationwide or global level. By engaging in a business administration course online, you may gain interesting insights into interactive, web-based options you have not yet pursued.

While your business may be standing firm in spite of the economic downturn, you can still prepare yourself to take it to a new level. By making clear and well-researched choices in your continuing education, you can guarantee your own ROI and give your business a boost. You can invest in yourself not to pass the time, but to optimize it.


Customer Relationship Management

Many of us are familiar with the idea of a customer-centric approach to business. In fact, we can experience the benefits of this business philosophy in daily activities ranging from the experience at the grocery store to the customer service call that turns out, unexpectedly, to be pleasant. There is good news for those who are interested in managing business organizations such that customer needs are truly met. Jobs in the field of customer relationship management are in demand.

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, refers to a business policy designed to reduce costs and increase profit by securing the loyalty of customers. Some people associate CRM with software programs that record information about customers and allow businesses to offer discounts according to that information. An example of this is for a business to provide a free item or discount on a customer’s birthday. However, the customer-centric approach is as old as business itself. Long before IT swept the modern world, wise business owners used various methods to research their customers’ habits; they also encouraged front-line salespeople to create trustworthy, personable relationships with the clientele. In today’s competitive business world, customer relationship management involves complex processes that must be accepted company-wide in order to succeed.

Why CRM Matters Now and in the Future

CRM involves both macro and micro-management in order to be effective. Though CRM entails befriending the clientele, there are serious choices involved in exactly which methods will cause the majority of customers to truly respond and maintain their loyalty. Although some small businesses spend only a few hundred per month in basic CRM strategy, large companies may spend millions in order to select and initiate a CRM plan. One of the key challenges can lie in implementation. In spite of large sums being spent in the process, if those who directly interact with customers are not clearly aware of how to project the company’s philosophy, the plan can fall flat. Also, due to the success of CRM in recent years, there is increased competition among businesses which further complicates developing a wise plan. In future, customer relationship management will increasingly consider the consumer’s neighborhood of business in order to discover a fruitful niche.

Where Can I Find Jobs in CRM?

Businesses in all fields that have direct customer relationships have the need for CRM. This means that the prospective job availability is spread across the country and involves many different types of businesses including banks, retailers and technological companies. Some businesses will emphasize the software side of CRM while others will focus on customer service, and many will require both aspects. In 2012, CRM jobs are expected to be in demand, and growth in this field is likely to continue.

How Can I Prepare for CRM Opportunities?

In choosing a regionally accredited school, you will want to consider an associate’s degree, a bachelor’s degree and/or a master’s degree. The associate’s degree involves a two-year program which works well for those who are not sure if they want to fully invest in the field before giving it a try. However, this degree does limit graduates to junior or entry-level positions. A bachelor’s degree requires four years and allows for a standard starting salary in the field as well as some opportunity for advancement. To secure high level employment in this field, a master’s degree is beneficial. This equates to two additional years following completion of the bachelor’s, six years of educational training in total. A master’s degree can help you to begin your employment at a higher salary and facilitates your ability to apply for increasingly higher levels jobs within the company.

Customer Relationship Management and You

CRM is likely to bring interesting challenges in upcoming years as companies compete using new technological platforms. If the customer-centric approach to business appeals to you, now may be a great time to leap into this established, yet growing field. Those with expertise in customer relations will always be needed in business. Those who understand both people and technology will have many intriguing opportunities in the future.

Florida Tech Online MBA in Finance

Florida Tech MBA ProgramFlorida Tech University Online (Florida Institute of Technology)
and Bisk Education announced a new Master of Business Administration (MBA) program with a concentration in Finance, which brings yet another world-class degree to an international audience 100% online.  As the globalized and complex finance industry gets larger, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts extremely strong growth in Finance, with employment of financial analysts and advisors increasing 20% to 30% through 2018.  Florida Tech’s online MBA in Finance program allows professionals to develop the necessary business skills and in-depth financial knowledge required to succeed in this thriving field, with the convenience of online learning and no GMAT or GRE requirement.

Ranked a Tier 1 Best National University by U.S. News & World Report, Florida Tech and its renowned Nathan M. Bisk College of Business have earned a reputation for excellence, with expert faculty and hands-on learning. The MBA with a specialization in Finance provides the solid foundation today’s professionals need to seize new opportunities in an ever-changing business environment. Through Florida Tech’s innovative Essentials of Business Development sequence, students learn the core business fundamentals and gain valuable experience building a business plan from the ground up. Specialization courses help them develop in-demand skills in portfolio management, stock analysis and valuation, capital budgeting and international finance.

This new program is backed by Bisk Education’s University Alliance division, which enables 100% online course delivery through a multimedia, video-based e-learning system and provides marketing and enrollment support. “Florida Tech and University Alliance continue to break new ground in presenting impactful online MBA programs that empower today’s professionals to achieve real-world success,” said Adrian Marrullier, Executive Vice President of University Alliance.  “We are proud to facilitate Florida Tech’s efforts to bring the highest-quality degree programs to students worldwide.”

Marrullier also noted that Florida Tech MBA graduates enjoy excellent earning potential. In fact, a recent survey by PayScale* found that Florida Tech bachelor’s degree holders rank as the highestearning graduates among all private research universities in the state – which attests to the high quality of education enjoyed by all Florida Tech students.

Florida Tech’s online MBA students enjoy the same advantages as their main-campus peers, but without any geographic or schedule constraints. The only difference is in the method of course delivery – the Internet-based programs feature 24/7 access to streaming video lectures with downloadable MP3 and MP4 files, plus high-tech communication tools such as live chat rooms, online discussion boards and a dedicated email system.

Beyond the new MBA in Finance, Florida Tech’s graduate degree programs include nine additional MBA offerings from the Nathan M. Bisk College of Business, as well as a Master of Science in Information Technology. Florida Tech also offers a number of undergraduate programs online, including seven associate’s degrees and 14 bachelor’s degrees.  Registration is now open for Florida Tech’s online MBA in Finance program. Admission is on a rolling basis. For more information about Florida Tech University Online, visit

* 2010-11 College Salary Report: Top Private Research Universities by Salary Potential, PayScale. (accessed October 28, 2010).

About Florida Tech
Florida Tech is a regionally accredited university that is world renowned for its distinguished faculty, comprehensive curriculum and unyielding innovation. Florida Tech is ranked a Tier 1 Best National University by U.S. News & World Report. It is also rated by the Fiske Guide to Colleges and named in Barron’s Best Buys in College Education. Founded in 1958, Florida Tech has more than 50,000 alumni. Its main campus is located on 130 subtropical acres in Melbourne, Florida, on the state’s famous Space Coast.  Florida Tech, with the assistance of University Alliance, has one of the largest nationally ranked online programs in the nation with more than 38 of the most sought-after associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.
Florida Institute of Technology is accredited by the Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, baccalaureate, master’s, education specialist and doctoral degree.

Six Sigma Training – Accelerate Your Career

Increase your potential in the highly competitive markets through Lean Six Sigma training and certification. Applying Six Sigma’s proven strategies, philosophies and methodologies allows professionals to increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce waste throughout most, if not all, processes.

FAQs about Lean Six Sigma Training

1. Is Lean Six Sigma a career?

No; it is a methodology that is used by business professionals, especially those working in a quality-control capacity. Specialists can earn Green Belt, Lean Sensei, Lean Black Belt and Lean Master Black Belt certifications to demonstrate advanced levels of proficiency in Six Sigma.

2. What educational background is needed for Lean Six Sigma training?

It’s helpful to hold a degree in business or mathematics, but three to five years of work experience can also prepare you for Lean Six Sigma training. Certificate programs have no prerequisites, so mid- to upper-level managers can enroll quickly and easily.

3. What is a Green Belt?

An employee with Green Belt training and certification plays an important role in executing Six Sigma process throughout his or her organization. Individuals earning Green Belts will typically lead a process improvement or quality improvement team as part of their full-time job responsibilities. Green Belt training is ideal for anyone without prior Six Sigma experience.

4. What are the requirements for Six Sigma Green Belt certification?

Villanova University offers 100% online Green Belt training as well as an online Green Belt certification exam. The training program is designed for managers and professionals in any type of industry, and has no prerequisites. Students may complete a general Green Belt course or specialize in Healthcare, Financial Services or Information Technology. Upon completion of the eight-week online certificate course, students may take the certification exam.

5. What is a Lean Black Belt?

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification is typically held by a team leader responsible for implementing process improvement projects throughout a business, with the goal of improving customer satisfaction and increasing productivity.

6. What is the advantage of a Black Belt over a Green Belt?

Black Belt certification is highly sought-after in business today, and is generally a stepping stone to more senior-level positions. Green Belts often report to Black Belts, who in turn receive coaching and support from Master Black Belts. Your Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification will position you to lead top-quality projects, thereby enhancing your value to your employer and offering greater opportunities for advancement.

7. What are the qualifications for Lean Black Belt certification?

Becoming a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt begins with in-depth training. Villanova University offers a 16-week online certificate course that is designed for Green Belt practioners or individuals with related work experience. Upon completion of the course, students are eligible to sit for Villanova’’s online Lean Black Belt certification exam.

8. How are Black Belt and Green Belt certifications similar?

Both training programs focus on the Lean Six Sigma concepts of quality, process mapping, controls and problem-solving methods. The certifications signify a professional’s level of expertise in leading quality improvement projects.

9. How does Black Belt certification differ from Green Belt?

Lean Black Belt training and certification build on the knowledge and skills acquired at the Green Belt level, providing enhanced proficiency in core Lean Six Sigma concepts. Villanova’s Lean Black Belt program offers a more intensive exploration of how to analyze, measure, control and improve the manufacturing process.

10. What is a Master Black Belt?

Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt training takes the core Six Sigma concepts even further, emphasizing leadership, optimization and design. Master Black Belts manage and mentor Green and Black Belts, and help to develop, maintain and revise Lean Six Sigma training materials. Individuals who have earned a Villanova Master Certificate in Six Sigma and achieved Lean Black Belt certification are eligible to enroll in the Advanced Master Certificate in Lean Six Sigma program, which leads to Lean Master Black Belt certification.

11. Where can I find Lean Six Sigma training?

You can obtain world-class training from the industry’s leading Lean Six Sigma instructors through Villanova University. Ranked as the #1 university in the Master’s category/North region by U.S. News & World Report, Villanova offers 100% online certificate courses through a convenient, video-based e-learning platform. Students who complete Villanova’s certificate programs are eligible to sit for the university’s online certification exams, including Six Sigma Green Belt, Lean Sensei, Lean Black Belt and Lean Master Black Belt certifications.

APICS Conference

2010 APICS International Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, October 18-20, 2010

Nearly 33,000 operations management professionals in more than 15,000 companies are members of APICS. From aerospace and defense to transportation and utilities, these professionals are looking for solutions from you.

Including: Villanova University, University of San Francisco, and Notre Dame.

Attendee Facts

81% are at the management level or higher.
86% come from companies with more than 100 employees.
64% come from companies with more than 1000 employees.
70% see live demonstrations and previews of new products/services as the most valuable aspect of the expo.
58% work at companies involved in manufacturing.


Event website: APICS



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How to access this discount: After you have selected your flights under the “Enter Passenger Details” tab, go to the “Promotion Code” field and enter in the Authorization number 77H0BD. This discount is valid for travel October 15–23, 2010, to McCarran International Airport (LAS). You may also call 800-433-1790 to book via the telephone. Please note that there is a Reservations Service Charge for all tickets issued via the phone.

Save on Your Hotel
Due to high demand, APICS 2010 attendee rooms at Wynn Las Vegas are sold out. You can still stay at the connected Encore and save big on your room: APICS 2010 attendees get a low rate of $179 per night. Act fast. Room space at Encore is limited at this discounted rate. Please note the discounted rate at Encore is only valid Sunday, October 17; Monday, October 18; and Tuesday, October 19.

To make your reservation, call (866) 770-7555 and use group code 6TAO1010.

Also, eliminate time and cost. Don’t waste time in cab lines and in transit to the hotel. Cabs from nearby hotels can add up to $12 per one way trip.