Six Sigma in Information Technology

Virtually every business industry can benefit from Six Sigma, from manufacturing to customer service to information technology. In IT alone, there are countless ways to implement Six Sigma strategies for performance improvement.

What Are the Benefits of Six Sigma in IT?

Like other business areas, IT uses a series of processes for troubleshooting and providing services. Whether you’re looking at an IT department within a larger company or a company that specializes in IT, there are many steps throughout each process in which the principles of Six Sigma can be applied.

By creating more streamlined and efficient work processes, the integration of Six Sigma in IT can help to make employees more productive while also creating a better overall experience for the customer – ultimately leading to greater profitability for the company.

Of course, every organization strives to provide the best possible service for its external customers, and Six Sigma helps to make that possible. What is often overlooked, however, is that IT departments within companies are primarily responsible for serving internal customers.

Applying Six Sigma in IT departments can help IT staff adopt a more user-centered approach to their work. This will allow them to provide faster and more reliable service to their fellow employees, who are often involved in efforts directed toward end customers – thereby leading to dramatic improvements in efficiency across the board.

Matching Six Sigma IT Training by Job Type

While the value of Six Sigma in IT is clear, that doesn’t mean every member of the IT department needs to be certified as a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. The best way to achieve successful Six Sigma implementation is to make sure that all personnel receive the type of training and certification appropriate for their position.

For instance, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training is highly recommended for managers; however, the specialists they supervise may only require Green Belt training. The key to success is ensuring that all staff members understand the basic applications of Six Sigma in IT, and how those principles relate to their individual job function.


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